How to register an NGO in Nepal.

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How to register an NGO in Nepal.
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Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

NGOs’ are mandatorily to be registered at the District Administration Office of the relevant district and after the completion of registration; NGOs’ tax registration is done at the Inland Revenue Department. The NGO is provided with the affiliation certificate from the Social Welfare Council. 

How to register an NGO in Nepal?

Enlisting an NGO in Nepal like any other process comes with quite a set of rules and regulations. At the very first step, a recommendation letter from local level ward office is required. Secondly, an application to the relevant District Coordination Committee for “Certificate of Registration” is to be obtained. Thirdly, District Administration Office provides a registration number to advance the process. An affiliation certificate needs to be obtained from the Social Welfare Council. Lastly, register at the Inland Revenue Department to receive your PAN certificate. After, all the process is completed; a final registration at local ward office is required. 


A minimum of 7 members holding Nepali citizenship are required for the registration process: 1 President, 1 Vice-President, 1 Secretary, 1 Treasurer and 3+ members. 

1. A character report from Nepal Police of all members is required. 

2. Document your organizational goals and mission, and formulate a bylaw (BIDHAN). 

3. MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Article of Association) needs to be finalized; hire a lawyer to make a hassle free transition. 

4. Prepare the Minutes of the very 1st meeting with the members, stating the reasons and decision behind an NGO. Also, state the role of each member in the organization. 

5. Rental agreement is required to validate the location of your NGO.

6. Rubber stamps with your organization logo. 


Above mentioned pointers provide a general overview of the process that needs to be kept in placed whilst opting for an NGO registration process in Nepal. 

The completion time frame for the process will take around 1-2 months after fulfilling the prerequisites. The applicable government fees and charges may vary depending on the districts. 

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